My Boys Make Me Proud

“My boys make me proud every day and they will do the same for this City” says Ron Shudra.To have one son follow your footsteps as a professional sportsman is a great honour, but Steelers legend and the Godfather of Sheffield ice hockey Ron Shudra took a step closer today to having both his sons follow him in the professional game.

19 year old Tate Shudra has agreed a two-way contract with the Steeldogs and Steelers, a deal that will see the youngster skate with the senior team whilst playing valuable minutes for the National League side.

“I’m proud of both Cole and Tate” said Ron “Cole battled hard through the ranks, did the dirty work and then took his chance with both hands last year with the Steelers, helping them have a most incredible year.

“Tate’s journey is following the same route. He dropped down the leagues to gain valuable ice time and made the jump to the Dogs last year. He must have impressed for them to bring him back and sign him to a two way deal with the Steelers.

“Like Cole, Tate has an incredible work ethic and will do whatever he has to, to make the professional game. He is so determined and wants to be the best player he can be, I’m sure having his big brother in the Steelers team gives him added incentive to one day join him in that uniform.

“I love how both of the boys have come through the ranks in Sheffield. Yes they have had to go away to help develop their game but they are here to continue their young careers with the Dogs and Steelers. Could they one day play together professional? I don’t see why not! Deborah and I will be very proud if they do.”